Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 1 Discussion Questions

1.  Don’t judge a boy by his face

·What do you think of the line ‘Don’t judge a boy by his face’?

·Did this affect how much you wanted to read the story?

·How much did this line give away about the story you were about to read?


  1. The line really made me want to read the book so that I could see what happened to him. Mrs. Gott's recommendation, the book art and the flyleaf summary also made me want to read it.

  2. The line 'Don't judge a boy by his face' did make me want to read this book. When I saw this line it made me WONDER what happened to this boys face, and why it's like that. ------
    This line definitely defines the whole story line of this book.

  3. I think that line means that you shouldn't judge a person by what they look like. It means that just because someone is a little different of funny looking, it doesn't mean they're not a kind, funny person. It did make me want to read the book, because I wanted to find out what that line had to do with the story. An the line kind of gave away that the story had something to do with someone that was well, different.

  4. Justin ConnollyMay 2, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    The line 'Don't judge a boy by his face' made me really want to read this book more than I wanted to, because it made me wonder 'What happened to his face'. The line gave away a little about the story because now we know that his face is messed up, because at first i thought that he was just kind of a nerd and that is why people kept looking at him. Lastly the picture on the front of the book gave away what he looked like.
    ~~Justin C.~~